Vintage Saxophones

Selmer Mark VII Tenor

circa 1976 / Serial #245,5XX

Sold - Thank You, V!

Circa 1976 - original lacquer (hand stripped neck)

After final adjustments, this turned out to be as good a Mark VII can be found. Intonation is exceptionally accurate; voice is full, vibrant, and resonant, but without too much sustain -- what you put in is exactly what you get out. It has a very personal feel and immediacy to it, an unusual responsiveness and expressiveness.

Before work began, this horn was in very well-preserved mechanical condition, and had never had the keytubes swaged (I have photos documenting this). This VII has gotten the full 9 yards, for VII revampings: full overhaul with large, mildly domed Pisoni resonators, body-bow joint soldered (no longer glued, but soldered to create a better and more dependable seal, and resistance to the bell shifting, as well as possibly better vibration transfer throughout the instrument), keyboard "goosed" to make it more ergonomic and faster. Ergonomically this VII is now VERY comfortable, and does not have even a hint of the too-far-apart feeling that bothers some people on post-VI Selmer models.

Cosmetically, the original lacquer is just OK -- about 65-70%. I was going to have the neck silverplated, because I like what happens to necks with Anderson's silverplating, but when I gave it a playtest after completing the overhaul, and before sending it off to Anderson's, the intonation was so accurate and the horn felt so comfortable it was clear to me I'd better leave it as is. I also had a second Mark VII neck, so I sent that off for silverplating instead. The second Mark VII neck (below) sold some time ago.

This is a very comfortable tenor -- if you have been looking for a tenor you can commit to, this could very well fit the bill. If I could only play this tenor the rest of my life, I'd have no regrets.

"Virtual playtest" to be added to this listing shortly -- please check back.

(Lower stack clothes guard is not present in photos, but it is intact and undamaged.)

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