Vintage Saxophones

Just Saxes 2010 Soprano

Scratch & Dent New Just Saxes Soprano - otherwise New condition

on hold

This is the Soprano I kept handy to make analyses and comparisons while making the custom True-Tone, above. It has been padded and set-up in the US by myself, in New Orleans, and the only flaw is that I knocked it over once, while working on the True-Tone, and the side of the arch onto which the top ends of the left hand pinky table tubes mount received a small scuff about 2 millimeters by 2 millimeters on it. Other than that, it's perfect.

This sop is set up with brown nylon resonators, medium-large, and my premium pads. I have many necks on hand and can select the neck for either a more freeblowing response, or a greater backpressure, depending on player preference.

This soprano has been serving for a few weeks as one of two floor models, one set up with domed metal resonators, and this one with brown nylon.

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