Vintage Saxophones


Selmer Mark VI Alto

circa 1955 / Serial #57,XXX

~no longer available~

Thank you, Dr. P!

This is a collector's condition Mark VI that will run with any Mark VI alto out there. Over time and heavy use, many examples that have been played harder seem to gain a bit of resonance but to have the sound become less focused and compact. This VI has a very whole, compact tone and quick, accurate response. It literally plays like a new horn -- a really, really excellent one made by Selmer Paris in 1955.

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Modernized King Zephyr Alto

previously owned by professional player

- Modernized left hand pinky cluster and bell keys, updated thumb rests, completely restored

I decided to give this alto the full modernization after playing it. When it came in, it was playing well, having been a professional player's doubling alto, and after tightening it up I just had to update this horn to a fully modern ergonomic template, because it deserves it.

For the right player -- a lover of Zephyr altos who just needed one with modern keywork -- this will be the end of the line, the end of compromises.


Conn Transitional 6M Alto

Rare, No-Tuning Barrel Example

sold - thank you, WS!

This is a GREAT transitional alto with true double socketed neck. This transitional Conn has the 6M styled LH table, and the rare no-tuning barrel original design neck (true double socket, with outer tenon and inner neckpipe sleeve, sealing at inside of body tube). Its intonation is exceptionally accurate, and it has a fine, lyrical voice -- more fine and more finesse-oriented in its response than other Conn alto of its vintage. This specific range of 6M has a lightning fast feel - maybe the fastest of any saxophone ever made (including Mark VI and modern makes).

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Buescher New Aristocrat Alto

Serial #267,XXX / 01 neck

I have not had a chance to completely disassemble this saxophone yet, but it appears to have all but a couple of its original snap-ins, and all of its gold Norton springs. I have extra Buescher snaps on hand, and will be restoring any missing snaps.

This alto, very close to the same serial number vintage as Rascher's Aristcrat, does not have the word "New" in the bell engraving. It has the same combination of opposing bell keys and Aristocrat-styled RH side keys as Rascher's alto (I will put up some photos documenting this soon).

This transitional Aristocrat will be getting a full restoration, including no-buff refinishing, with Ferree's Buescher snap-in pads (with metal backing, as with original Buescher snap-in pads).

The engraving is very sharp, so I don't think this was originally silverplated (it is lacquer over brass, now). I suspect it was bare brass release that was later lacquered, but I will know more after I disassemble, and do a little more research.

More Info and Photos coming soon.

Silver-Plated Conn "Chu Berry" Alto

Original case included

Price TBA after overhaul

Very clean, promising horn. Scheduled for complete overhaul.

More Info and Photos coming soon.

Goldplated Conn "Pre-Chu"


Price TBA after overhaul

Rose-gold finish, very very clean, ornate early engraving, as on other goldplated horns (e.g. "Portrait") of this era. Unusually free blowing; virtually no resistance. Plating on neck has been retouched, but the neck seems to be original (the original gold plating can be seen around the base of the posts). Only real drawback is a serial # added, as for a school horn, on the back of the body tube. Deserves an overhaul, but plays well as is.

More Info and Photos coming soon.


Buescher 400 Top Hat & Cane

Serial # (to be updated)
Price: $2295

Complete Just Saxes overhaul

This alto was purchased from Just Saxes by a collector in the tropics, and then closeted following a full Just Saxes restoration. Rather than allow it to sit and tarnish in the salt air, the owner decided to sell it on consignment, and eventually I bought it back.

It is an EXCELLENT Top Hat and Cane example. The finish is original, and very patinaed. Very well preserved, mechanically, with original equipment (snap-in resonators) very nicely preserved. I doubt very much you will find a better playing 400 TH&C alto available anywhere -- this one is aces in both response, feel, and timbral depth and flexibility.

Very nice value on the overhaul, as I have lowered the price greatly to take into account that the set-up is no longer new. The wear is absolutely minimal. It's just not a virgin overhaul. This is a GREAT value -- a top shelf 400 TH&C performer.