Vintage Saxophones

Selmer Mark VI Alto

circa 1955 / Serial #57,XXX

New Price!

Very clean, rare, original and collectible condition; extremely beautiful finish, deep and brilliant -- at first I thought it was likely lacquer over gold plate. It's lacquered brass, though, in exceptionally lovely condition.

This is a rare instance in which I'm not overhauling a saxophone that has come in as the work on it was/is quite good, and the horn plays like a new saxophone -- integrated tone, smooth & sure action. The installation is Prestini with silver, custom, screw-in resonators, medium-large. I was very pleased with the work I found on this saxophone when it came in as it was done well -- a rarity -- and the owner had cared for it, post overhaul, unusually lovingly. The keywork was not swaged tight the last time it was overhauled, but the mechanism is quiet so I have not made changes (presuming that some may prefer to have their local tech perform any work, since I am not representing this with a complete Just Saxes overhaul). I have reviewed and played this VI at length, and changed the keyheights and tweaked action a bit (it is super light, fast and clean), but otherwise the saxophone came to me in very good condition; it feels very good and plays beautifully, and the quality of the work done previously is excellent.

This is a collector's condition Mark VI that will run with any Mark VI alto out there. Over time and heavy use, many examples that have been played harder seem to gain a bit of resonance but to have the sound become less focused and compact. This VI has a very whole, compact tone and quick, accurate response. It literally plays like a new horn -- a really, really excellent one made by Selmer Paris in 1955.

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