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Conn Transitional 6M Alto

rare, no-tuning barrel example

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Mid-overhaul, getting full restoration. This is a GREAT transitional alto with true double socketed neck. This transitional Conn has the 6M styled LH table, and the rare no-tuning barrel original design neck (true double socket, with outer tenon and inner neckpipe sleeve, sealing at inside of body tube). Its intonation is exceptionally accurate, and it has a fine, lyrical voice -- more fine and more finesse-oriented in its response than other Conn alto of its vintage (I own one that is in the same small range, with a "New York" neck that is bolder and brasher, but that is not as accurate in intonation or response). This specific range of 6M has a lightning fast feel -- maybe the fastest of any saxophone ever made (including Mark VI and modern makes).

Overhaul will include full no-buff refinishing, proper double-socket fitting (rarely done on any true double-socket neck), and custom screw-in, reusable resonators. Finish was *not* original when received (not obvious at a glance, because the original refinish was nicely done, but I can see that this was refinished at one time); model is very collectable, but the pricing on this one is based on its playing characteristics. I am a major Conn alto enthusiast, and have restored and worked on many, many Conn altos. This specific serial number range, with the "New York" style neck is my favorite by far.

I was able to tighten up and play this alto before beginning the overhaul. It is going to be very, very good. Overhaul should be completed somewhere in the first half of November (2010).

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