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Unlike a good number of outlets for ROC and Asia-manufactured instruments, I am not carrying these saxophones because I can make a huge net profit on an instrument that costs very little — thanks to its nation of origin — to make. Indeed, if I simply imported and resold these from the UK, my wholesale price, and the low price of the UK manufacturer through their own site, carrying them would not be cost effective. The Woodwind & Brass (UK), in my experience to this point, is a stand up company doing good business without trying to wring every possible penny from its customers, offering a quality product at the lowest prices and costs to the customer that it can support. The manufacturer's price from the UK is extremely reasonable. If all one is shopping for is a quality, inexpensive instrument to bring to their local tech, and maintain through a local tech, then buying direct from the UK is a very good deal.

My own interest in carrying these, and offering them in the US through Just Saxes, is just to be able to offer these instruments to my own existing client base, and to serve customers in the US who would rather buy the saxophones from a US outlet, with a service warranty that bolsters the manufacturer's warranty, so that if any manufacturing problems should arise unduly, service and warranty coverage can be carried out domestically without the customer having to shoulder the costs of shipping the instrument from the US to Great Britain. Additionally, while I do think that most saxophones shipped from the UK to the US will "play right out of the box," as my own experience underlines (playtests above), there are surely advantages to having these horns adjusted personally by me — not by my assistants, or any one else, but by me — and reboxed for shipment domestically.

Just Saxes pricing reflects my addition of a 14-day domestic return policy, 90-day domestic warranty against manufacturing defects (this warranty duplicates the manufacturer's warranty, domestically, for 90 days), full adjustment and playtest, including deleaking, tweaks and keyheight touch-up, repackaging in a larger box with additional packaging protections (and domestic, rather than international handling from my hands to yours) and my company's seal of approval on the state of the instrument when it ships from Just Saxes. Playtesting, repair to, and management of damage in shipping from the UK, adjustment, and repackaging to protect the adjustment is actually quite a bit of labor, and to be accountable for the manufacturing of the instruments, and managing customer service and warranty claims is a significant amount of responsibility and obligation. While the domestic warranty only applies for 90 days (again, the manufacturer's warranty continues to apply for the full year), accountability and obligation and post-sales service last a lifetime for the Just Saxes name. For those that do have access to excellent repair, in your own areas, I definitely encourage you to save a few dollars and buy direct from The Woodwind & Brass (UK).

Just Saxes pricing (including new pricings for 2010 "D" models):

Alto: $995
in stock now (7/6/11)

Tenor: $1195
in stock now (7/6/11)

Sopranino (2011 model): $1145 Soprano (2011 model): $1095
(Sopranino and Soprano by Special Order only at this time)

Just Saxes pricing for M2 models:

M2 Alto: $1995
(click here to go to Bauhaus Walstein website)
by special order only at this time

M2 Tenor: $2295
(click here to go to Bauhaus Walstein website)
by special order only at this time

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(within continental US): $28.95 for soprano/sopranino, $49.75 for alto, $56.85 for tenor